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Semester & Academic Year Programs

Our undergraduate semester and academic year programs are designed to offer an educational experience beyond the classroom.

The semester and academic year programs at Salzburg College are designed to allow students to truly immerse themselves into the Austrian culture and German language. It is our mission to support students in feeling as though they have truly relocated their life and education to Central Europe and have become part of the local culture.


Semester and Academic Year Program

At Salzburg College classroom work, field study, workplace experience and academic travel complement one another. Students are encouraged to make their personal experiences part of their academic studies. Experiential learning constitutes an important component of all our semester and academic year programs, one of the major reasons why we require all academic year students to complete an internship during their second semester.

To support the overall Austrian experience, two courses are required of all students wanting to study a semester at Salzburg College:

  • The European Experience OR Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding
  • One German language course

Beyond this students may choose to complete 2-3 more courses offered in the following academic fields:

  • European Studies
  • German Language and Culture
  • Communication
  • Business
  • Art & Photography
  • Music

General Requirements and Suggestions for a Semester in Salzburg

The required number of semester credit hours is 12. Because of the demands of foreign study, a higher load than 15 hours is not recommended. For a course load above 15 credit hours the approval from Salzburg College and the home university is necessary.

In addition, students are welcome to attend other classes in which they are interested on a regular basis without being registered or graded. Most courses are open to all students at all times. For prerequisites, please see individual course descriptions.

The semester schedule is split into two 6 week modules. Courses are compressed and students will take 2 or 3 courses in each module.


The day trip to Munich/Bavaria (Germany) is designed to let students complete the first phase of cultural adaptation, and to learn to navigate a larger European city. The day trip to Vienna is where students feel everything comes together. A variety of local excursions constitute an integral part of the academic program. There is also ample time set aside for independent travel.

Semester Dates & Fees

Study & Sports Abroad Program

The Salzburg College Study & Sports Abroad Program combines undergraduate studies abroad with Austrian American football league (amateur) OR Austrian soccer league (amateur) playing experience. This program offers reduced tuition to students (male and female) with prior American football OR soccer experience wanting to play internationally while staying on track with their academics.

Program Highlights

  • 4-month study & league sports program (spring & summer semester)
  • Completion of up to 12 U.S. undergraduate credits
  • Guaranteed roster spot with the Salzburg Ducks American Football Team OR the F.C. Bergheim Soccer Club
  • Maximized cultural involvement through living in the heart of downtown
  • Internship credit for youth coaching commitment

Courses at Salzburg College take place Monday through Thursday for a maximum of 12 U.S. credit hours. The full-time program is based on 4 courses per semester according to standard U.S. university class meeting times.

Once accepted to the program, the student's playing time and level will be determined by the respective coach(es) of the Salzburg Ducks and F.C. Bergheim. Team practices take place three times per week. Games are on weekends and select weekdays. Students are expected to train individually in addition to practices and games.



Coaching for Credit
The coaching commitment includes two practices per week and occasional coaches meetings. Youth games are periodically on weekends. In preparation for this unique intercultural internship experience students will be enrolled in the internship preparation course at Salzburg College.

A variety of local excursions constitute an integral part of our European Culture program. The day trips to Munich and to Vienna, Austria's historical capital, provide a broad range of experiences related to history, art, music, and modern life in Europe.

To maximize cultural involvement, students live in walking distance to downtown Salzburg. Restaurants, shops, and grocery stores are in walking distance.

Continuing Your Educational Experience in Austria
Community College Students enrolled in this program are eligible, upon successful completion, to automatically be admitted into the follwoing U.S. degree program at Salzburg College:

  • Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.)

Degrees completed at Salzburg College are awarded by Northern Illinois University.

Freshman standing or higher
Prior American football OR soccer high school varsity experience
18 years of age at program start

Program Dates & Fees

Academic Calendar


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