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Contact Salzburg College


Salzburg College
Bergstr. 12
A-5020 Salzburg

Email: info@salzburgcollege.edu

Telephone: 011-43-662-842501
Fax: 011-43-662-842501-22


Your home university may have a direct affiliation with Salzburg College, in which case you can apply via your Study Abroad Office. This affiliation may also exist through membership in CCIS (College Consortium for International Studies).

Please check with your Study Abroad Office!


Alternatively, you may also apply via the

College Consortium for International Studies

or through:

Northern Illinois University
Study Abroad Office
Williston Hall 417
DeKalb, Illinois 60115-2854

Email: niuabroad@niu.edu
Website: www.niu.edu/niuabroad

Telephone: (815) 753-0700

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