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At the InterCultural Center (ICC), research and social responsibility projects complement one another in order to contribute to a more responsible society: Competent within diversity, for a diverse society.

To achieve this vision of interculturality, the re- searchers at the InterCultural Center combine state-of-the-art research methods and different theoretical approaches to put forward solutions for social and cultural challenges faced by 21st century societies. At the heart of the InterCultural Center are:

InterCultural Center

What happens at the InterCultural Center?

The InterCultural Center (ICC) at Salzburg College integrates state-of-the-art research with practical problem solving competencies. The InterCultural Center serves as a sign for an appreciative multiculturalism. This is achieved by:

  1. Our research units whose efforts focus on various social and cultural challenges and concentrate on finding practicable solutions for our  future multicultural societies.
  2. Social Responsibility Projects established by the InterCultural Center aim at implementing strategies to combat prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination by reducing sources of bias, e.g. the Intercultural Family Breakfast and the series of Eventworkshops for Teens: BE IT. Competent within Diversity.
  3. A range of events open to the public, such as summer and winter schools, workshops, global conferences, book presentation evenings, fireside talks and intercultural forums, to name but a few.

Who are the People at the InterCultural Center?

The InterCultural Center (ICC) was founded by an ambitious and passionate group of interdisciplinary academics who share the vision of creating and utilizing intercultural synergies and fostering integration by maintaining and respecting cultural diversity.

The ICC Board of Experts consists of:

  • Prof.Dr. Chibueze C. Udeani, University of Würzburg, Germany
  • Prof.Dr. Kurt Luger, University of Salzburg, Austria
  • Dr.Dr. Nancy Kucinski, Hardin-Simmons University, Texas, U.S.A.
  • Dr. Thomas Kaltenbacher, University of Salzburg & Salzburg College, Austria
  • Dr. Robert Chandler, Lipscomb University, Tennessee, U.S.A.
  • Prof.Dr.Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer, University of Münster, Germany
  • Dr. Jennifer A. Sandoval, University of Central Florida, Orlando, U.S.A.
  • Prof.Dr. Birgit Breninger, University of Salzburg & Salzburg College, Austria
  • Phoebe Mayer, MBA, Managing Director of Salzburg College, Austria

Our Research Units

The Institute for Intercultural and Communication
Research (ICR)

ICR Research Unit Director: Dr. Birgit Breninger

The InterCultural Center at Salzburg College has established the Institute for Intercultural and Communication Research (ICR) in order to facilitate research in the field of Intercultural Studies. At the ICR state-of-the-art research and solution finding are combined to offer practicable results for the various social and cultural challenges our
multicultural societies are faced with. The long term goal is to continue building a cluster of experts from around the globe to enhance the research in this field.

The Salzburg Institute for Reading Research

SIRR Research Unit Director: Dr. Thomas

The Salzburg Institute for Reading Research (SIRR) is an interdisciplinary research unit at Salzburg College which explores all aspects and facets of reading. We conduct research into literacy-
related skills for typically developing readers and those who struggle (with a special emphasis on dyslexia). Our research interest is also directed towards bilingual children’s language abilities and early reading outcomes.

The Culture and Science Laboratory (CSL)

CSLab Director: Dr. Thomas Kaltenbacher

This core laboratory facility for intercultural and communication disorders research has been established for our students and researchers in residence. Currently we offer hands-on practice
and research collaboration in Eyetracking and Ultra-Sound Studies at the CSL.

The Intercultural Academy (IA)

IA Research Unit Director: Prof.Dr. Chibueze Udeani

At the Intercultural Academy (IA) various tailored seminars and workshops are offered. All courses are designed to meet your individual/organizational needs and interests.

Sample list of seminars:

  1. Leading in Austria
    Taking up a leadership position in a new country can cause extra stress for a person in a leadership position and her/his team. In order to successfully prepare for a leadership position in Austria this course offers individualised tutoring to leaders by introducing skillsets, mindsets and heartsets of the Austrian people. This context specific as well as general cultural knowledge will guarantee a successful start in the Austrian workplace and is invaluable for anyone new to a leadership position.
  2. Are you fit for Workplace Diversity?
    Having a diverse workforce and training everyone in an organization to appreciate and embrace diversity helps setting a business apart from its competitors. The prices which organizations pay that lag behind in addressing issues of diversity are high. This onsite training program explores the challenges that arise from issues surfacing in diverse workgroups. Methods for establishing an atmosphere in which one is able to tolerate ambiguity and foster intercultural understanding are outlined.

The Research Fellowship Program (RFP)

RFP Unit Director: Mag. Phoebe Mayer, MBA

The ICC Research Fellowship Program seeks to increase the research competitiveness of our students and graduates in order to expand the interdisciplinary research focus so vital to Intercultural Studies. Every year the ICR welcomes select graduate students back as research fellows. The research fellows have the unique opportunity to conduct their master thesis research on site in Salzburg by utilizing all resources available while also engaging in current projects at the ICR.

The Institute for Global Development (IGD)

IGD Unit Director: Prof. Dr. Kurt Luger, UNESCO Chair

The IGD fosters academic engagement with critical global development issues, such as those related to social mobilization, environmental challenges, migration and demographic change, social inequality, exclusion and gender. Engagement and interdisciplinary dialogue with highly motivated lecturers and researchers are encouraged and contemporary development issues and dilemmas explored.

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