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For starters a word about personal finances: Start budgeting from the first day of your arrival. You will find that money goes very quickly on such things as meals outside your home, independent travel, mail, etc.

If you have extra money to take abroad, consider taking it.

Wise money management can make a trip smoother and, sometimes, cheaper!

Austria is part of the European Union and adopted the Euro in 2002. It is a good idea for you to procure some Euros before arrival. Most students use cash and all ATMs accept American bank cards.

Note that there is a small service charge when withdrawing from an ATM, as well as when using credit cards.

Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) are accepted in most stores and restaurants. However, it is common for smaller shops and grocery stores to accept cash only.

It is best if you have both options readily available.

We recommend students look into opening e.g. a Wise account for their time in Salzburg. The account works like a regular checking account with the ammenities of an international account for very affordable fees. Transferring money from one's home country account into the wise account is easy and fast.



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