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Semester and Summer Internship Programs

As an alternative to the regular semester and summer programs Salzburg College offers academic semester and summer internship programs to undergraduate students.

Immerse yourself even more into the Austrian culture!

International internships foster global competency and give you an edge in today’s highly competitive workforce.

Internships usually take place during the second seven-week module of a semester or immediately following the Summer Session I after students have taken a German language course, "The European Experience", and "The Austrian Workplace" as preparation.

All semester internship students are also required to complete the course "Intercultural Communication" parallel to the actual internship.

The internship placements vary depending on your academic and professional focus. Salzburg College works at length with you to determine a placement that meets your needs and expectations.

All students wanting to complete an internship need to submit the internship application form together with the completed Salzburg College application.


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