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City of Music & Art

Salzburg is known worldwide as the city of Mozart. In fact, much of the town still looks the same as it did in Mozart’s days.

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The home where Mozart was born and another where Mozart's family lived, have been turned into museums. The Music University was named after Mozart, so is the city's major symphony orchestra and the Mozarteum Foundation that is responsible for the most extensive research that has ever been done on any composer.

There are five major concert halls and theatres where you can attend musical performances practically every night of the year.

We will make tickets to a number of concerts available to you during your stay and our music history class will include these performances in the course program. The Mozart Week in January, the Easter and Pentecost Festivals and the Summer Festival in July / August are the most important highlights of Salzburg's musical season.

The Contemporary Art Scene

In recent years, Salzburg has also become an important venue of modern art.

The traditional Salzburg Museum now includes a section on contemporary artists, some of the many art galleries have become major players in the international art scene.

The Fotohof is one of Europe's best galleries of photography. Salzburg College's photography instructor Andrew Phelps has been instrumental in its development.

You will be invited to attend openings of these galleries where you will be able to meet Salzburg's art connoisseurs.

The Sound of Music

Salzburg has also become famous as the city of "The Sound of Music". Thousands of tourists come every year to see Leopoldskron Palace, the gazebo, the "wedding church" in Mondsee, and the beautiful landscape that goes with the film.

Most recently, there has been big discussion whether the Trapp family home (not Schloss Leopoldskron!) can be turned into a hotel.
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