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M.A.I.S. Intercultural Leadership

9 months on location, weekends only

Today’s global world is in a constant process of change. Technology is developing at such a fast pace and existing codes and values are constantly and significantly transforming. All, including governments, NGOs, global companies and the international media themselves are struggling to keep up with the latest innovations. An in-depth understanding of intercultural competence is vital for anyone seeking to take on a leadership role in the global workplace. The study of intercultural competence in leadership equips our graduates with the skill-set necessary for understanding and handling these global developments in political, economic and cultural affairs.


How do others view one’s own culture, and how can one influence this? How does intercultural communication connect to power? What vital roles do culture and intercultural competence play in the current and future global business market?


The M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A.I.S.) with special emphasis on Intercultural Leadership is a 9-month program that provides participants with the opportunity to explore and debate these issues with leading academic and professional experts in the field. A wide range of specialty modules guarantee a unique interdisciplinary approach to intercultural leadership.


The M.A.I.S. Intercultural Leadership program is designed for participants wanting to develop a thorough understanding of the international dimension of leadership while simultaneously working on their proficiency and expertise regarding cultural intelligence and intercultural competence. The program is particularly attractive for professionals wanting to focus on the international and intercultural aspects of leadership as well as for recent graduates of bachelor programs wanting to pursue a career in an intercultural/international field.


The faculty is comprised of distinguished academics and internationally recognized professionals from across Europe and the United States. Most of the faculty of the M.A.I.S. Intercultural Leadership program are also active members of the Board Of Experts at the Intercultural Center.

Cultural Program

A variety of local excursions and fireside talks enrich the overall experience. There is also some time for independent travel on weekends and during breaks.

Language of instruction: English

English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is available at extra cost (May-August prior) to students who do not meet the language proficiency requirement.


- Bachelor degree or equivalent from a recognized academic institution

- GRE Score: Not applicable for EU applicants and may be waived for NU graduates with a GPA of

3.0 or above.

- Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL Computer: 220; TOEFL IBT: 80; TOEFL paper-based:

550, IELTS: 6)

- WES: A degree evaluation by WES is required for any coursework completed outside of the

US, Canada or the EU.

- Pre-requisite (Transfer Credit) Courses:

IDS 550 Special Topics Course

IDS 585 Internship II (Professional Experience)

Degree Awarded by Niagara University (New York, U.S.A.)

Master of Arts (M.A.) Interdisciplinary Studies

Concentration: Intercultural Leadership

Program Fee

See Tuition & Fees.

Extensive on site Cultural Program available to Non-EU nationals at extra cost.

International Program Director

Dr. Birgit Breninger

Application deadline:

June 1

Application & Information:

Salzburg College
Bergstrasse 12
5020 Salzburg, Austria

T: (00)43 662 842501
F: (00)43 662 842501-22

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