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Certificate Program in Intercultural Competence

1 semester, 4 weekends on location only

Certificate in Intercultural Competence

In the 21st century an increasingly globalized environment requires intercultural competence to build successful synergies and strategies for the global workplace.

In depth knowledge in intercultural competence will accelerate one's career by providing one with the key skills and relevant experience necessary for achieving one's goals. Experts in intercultural competence are much in demand across all industries. The job market is full of opportunities for well-trained academics with leadership potential and formal training in intercultural competence.

At Salzburg College state-of-the-art research and solution finding through the Intercultural Center are combined with compact academic programs tailored to educate future intercultural experts.

The "Certificate in Intercultural Competence" (3-6 US credits) covers the following subject areas: Culture and Interculturality, Intercultural Communication and Globalization, Identities and Cultural Differences, Language and Culture, Legal and Cultural Perceptions, Diversity and Gender Management, Migration Management, Global Business Culture, and Conflict Resolution Strategies.


The faculty is comprised of distinguished academics and internationally recognized professionals from across Europe and the United States.

Cultural Program

A variety of local excursions and fireside talks enrich the overall cultural experience. There is also some time for independent travel on weekends and during breaks.

Language of instruction: English

English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is available at extra cost (May-August prior) to students who do not meet the language proficiency requirement.

Program Fee

Please see Tuition & Fees.

Program Dates

The Certificate in Intercultural Competence is offered annually in summer. The next starting date is TBD.


  • B.A. degree or equivalent
  • minimum age of 21
  • proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL Computer: 220, TOEFL IBT: 80, TOEFL paper-based: 550, IELTS: 6)

Application deadline:

6 weeks prior to starting date.

Application & Information:

Salzburg College
Bergstrasse 12
5020 Salzburg, Austria

T: (00)43 662 842501
F: (00)43 662 842501-22

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