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Salzburg College Alumni Club

The Salzburg College Alumni Club is a formal group of former Salzburg College students who are commited to

  • maintaining and promoting contact between former Salzburg College students as well as Salzburg College faculty, donors and friends through activities such as reunions, events, newsletters and social media.
  • generating financial support for the Salzburg College Programs, in particular the Dr. Ina Stegen Scholarship Fund.
  • developing opportunities for former students, donors and friends to advocate for Salzburg College.
  • strengthening the reputation of Salzburg College by communicating to others the excellence of its programs and the achievements of its alumni, students and faculty.

Get Involved

The Salzburg College Alumni Club has many volunteer opportunities for alumni.

Ranging from promoting Salzburg College at your alma mater, help arranging local alumni meetings, assisting at reunions, to serving on the alumni club board - there are many ways where your special talents and passions can help serve Salzburg College.

If you have an interest to volunteer, please contact:

Salzburg College Alumni Club
c/o Salzburg College
Bergstrasse 12
5020 Salzburg
E-Mail: alumni@salzburgcollege.edu

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