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Parental Advisory

Studying in a foreign country is a once in a life time opportunity and there are a few things parents should know in order to help their child experience everything that studying abroad has to offer!

Give your child independence

It is natural for parents to want to make sure that their child has everything in order for their study abroad experience. While help is sometimes necessary, letting your child handle matters on his or her own is an important stepping stone to a successful study abroad experience.

Learning to be independent is crucial. Be supportive, but let your child try and do everything by him or herself first before stepping in.

Encourage your child to be open-minded

Living in another country is challenging. Almost everything your child experiences will be different. Talk to your child about these differences and encourage him or her to come to Europe with an open mind. Preexisting expectations can harm a person's experience by clashing with reality and causing unintentional comparisons.

By traveling without any expectations, your child will be able to enjoy his or her adventure instead of being let down when things are not exactly how they were imagined.

Talk to your child about safety

Salzburg is one of the safest cities in Europe; however it is still important to talk to your child about being safe while traveling.

Make sure your child knows the nearest U.S embassy as well as the emergency number in the country he or she will be in. Remind your child to always be aware of their surroundings and to not place themselves in a situation that could potentially be harmful.

The Salzburg College staff does everything in their power to make sure your child is safe at all times. In case of an emergency, all necessary actions will be taken and you, the parent, will be notified immediately.

Keep a copy of all important documents

Have your child make a photocopy of all important documents including passport, visa, credit cards, travel documents, etc. It is also a good idea to write down the numbers of credit card companies, as well as emergency contact numbers.

If a scanner is available, scan the documents to a file on your computer. That way, if any credit cards are stolen, or a passport goes missing, copies of these documents are available and the necessary steps can be taken to rectify the situation.

Communicate about communication

As a parent, you will want to know what your child is doing at all times. However, it is unrealistic to expect your child to be in constant communication with you. Not only is it important for you to understand this, but also for your child to be aware of it as well.

Be realistic in your expectations of communication and talk about those expectations before your child departs for Europe. Set up specific times to skype but limit these to a few times per week.

Encourage your child to immerse his or herself into the Austrian environment and limit communication back home. As a parent, it is also important to be aware that homesickness is normal and will pass with time.

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