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Course Catalogue

The course catalogues below contain a summary of course descriptions for the current/upcoming academic year. The listings do not constitute a guarantee that any particular course will be offered during the respective semester, session or program.

Undergraduate Studies

    Independent Study

    Students are offered the option of undertaking a 3- hour independent study project.

    You must have a relevant background in the field of study (at least 9 hours) and be able to do independent research. You will work with an Austrian expert in your field and develop a major paper. The study project should have a European focus and include field research.

    To set up an independent study, contact Salzburg College two months prior to the beginning of the program to work out a proposal. Your proposal must be approved by your academic advisor at home. (Fall, Spring)

    Honors Program

    In-course honors credit is available to qualified students for most courses. Requests must be made to the Salzburg College director within the first two weeks of classes. The In-Course Honors Contract specifies additional readings and/or field work and will be evaluated by the appropriate instructor.

    Students who are in formal honors programs at their home institutions should receive approval in advance from their honors program directors.

    Graduate and Continuing Education Studies


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