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Salzburg College

Salzburg College is an institution of higher education located in Salzburg, Austria. It is the mission of Salzburg College to provide international education programs in the American academic tradition of the liberal arts.

Educational Philosophy

At Salzburg College classroom work, field study, workplace experience and academic travel complement one another. Students are encouraged to make their personal experiences part of their academic studies. Social and experiential learning constitutes a major part of all Salzburg College programs.

All classes are taught in English, mostly by European professors, and students receive regular US credit for their academic work. Students study at Salzburg College for a semester, a summer session or a full academic program.

Student Profile

For over forty years Salzburg College has been welcoming students from all over the world, primarily from the United States of America. Students from over 500 different colleges and universities around the globe have participated in one of the Salzburg College programs.

Institutional Affiliations

Salzburg College is affiliated with over 150 colleges and universities throughout the United States through direct and indirect partnerships. Independent students from around the globe wanting to enroll in one of the Salzburg College programs for transferable US American credit may do so by applying through our US school of record, Northern Illinois University.

Academic Partner in Salzburg: The Intercultural College

As of 2013 Salzburg College has been collaborating with the Intercultural College of the University of Salzburg on a graduate Diploma and M.A. program. The Intercultural College was founded by an ambitious and passionate group of academics from the University of Salzburg and other European universities who share the vision of creating and utilizing intercultural synergies and fostering integration by maintaining and respecting cultural diversity. It is their mission to foster competence to encourage a more diverse society.

At the Intercultural College state-of-the-art research and solution finding are combined with academic programs tailored to educate future experts in intercultural competence. Next to the Master in Intercultural Studies (German and English) and the Diploma in Intercultural Competence (German and English) the Intercultural College also offers tailored workshops through their Intercultural Academy.


Local Partners


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