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Director's Welcome

From the day Salzburg College started in 1971, it has been our goal to provide an international education experience that combines classroom work and research with field experience and community involvement.

While we decided to teach most courses in English to allow students without a German language background to participate, we also emphasize the cultural immersion aspect by making language study in Salzburg a requirement.

Initially our academic program concentrated on classical European studies - history, politics, economics, music and art. Gradually, as students were increasingly looking at study abroad as an investment in their professional futures, we developed programs in communication and business studies, with a new range of field trips and internship opportunities.

At the same time, we remain committed to the arts - music performance, studio art, photography - to draw on the special opportunities that the city of Salzburg has to offer.

Living in Salzburg is a rare opportunity to experience the beauty of a historical city and the stunning surrounding landscape of lakes and Alpine peaks.

There is no substitute to the actual experience, but we hope that this website will give you a sense of what it will be like to complete a degree, a semester, an academic year, or summer session at Salzburg College - in a friendly Austrian community, with a dedicated and experienced faculty, caring host families, and a supportive staff.


Welcome to Salzburg College!

Phoebe Mayer

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