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Customized Programs

Salzburg College also specializes in administering joint and faculty-led study abroad programs for US-American universities.

Over 30 years of experience in this field has made Salzburg College a prime partner institution for tailoring quality customized and faculty-led programs.

Here are just a few of the services offered:

  • On-site program planning and administration
  • tailored itineraries to compliment the program design
  • field trips and excursions
  • professional visits and guest speakers
  • locally taught courses
  • private music instruction
  • classroom space and equipment
  • on-site orientation and 24 hours support
  • housing and meals, ground transportation.

Sample list of  joint/faculty-led summer programs Salzburg College is proud to be hosting:

University of Miami at Salzburg Summer Program (since 1986)

This will be the 34th Summer Academy of the University of Miami Frost School of Music at Salzburg College.

Who should attend?

If you are an undergraduate or graduate music student majoring in voice or piano accompanying, this unique program is for you.

Young professionals, teachers, and interested amateurs who wish to audit this program, and outstanding high school seniors, are also encouraged to apply.

Because each student will receive private instruction and enrollment is limited, early registration is strongly advised.

Academic Credit

Academic credit is available through Salzburg College. 

Students may earn up to 6 US undergraduate university credits.

Credits will be awarded as follows:

  • Voice & Piano: 1 undergraduate university credits for private applied music and 1 undergraduate credit for performance (when applicable);
  • German Language Instruction: 3-4 undergraduate university credits.

Next to a Salzburg College grade report students may also receive a transcript from Seminole State College at extra charge. Details for this will be discussed during Orientation on site in Salzburg at the beginning of the program.

Arrangements for credit transfer must be made individually between Salzburg College and your home institution prior to your arrival in Salzburg.

Special Features of the Program

  • Your classes and private lessons will be held under the auspices of Salzburg College. Your performances will be held at various special venues in the city of Salzburg, including Schloss Mirabell, one of the few places where Mozart actually performed in Salzburg.
  • You will participate in master classes with distinguished guest artists, as well as with musicians from the prestigious Salzburg Festivals.
  • You will attend several Salzburg Festival events, including opera, orchestral concerts, Lieder, and piano recitals.
  • Housing: Participants stay in a dormitory. Breakfast is provided at the dorm and weekday lunches are provided through Salzburg College. Evening and weekend meals are at your own expense.
  • You will attend numerous special events and visit historical places in Salzburg, including:
    • Salzburg Festival concerts and operas
    • Additional musical events in Salzburg
    • A day trip to the Salzkammergut region of lakes and mountains.
    • Hellbrunn Palace and water games
  • Voice students and accompanists will have access to a comprehensive collection of standard German Lieder.
  • All students will have access to individual practice facilities each day and evening, including weekends.

You may participate in student recitals, which are open to the public.

How to apply

Each applicant should submit the following on or before February 1:

  1. A completed application form
  2. A recording to include the following:
    • Singers: A minimum of three contrasting art songs in two or more languages, and one or more opera or oratorio arias.
    • Pianists: A minimum of three accompaniments with singer in contrasting styles and one solo piece.  Accompaniments must be recorded live and without interruption.
  3. A brief statement of recommendation from your present or most recent teacher.
  4. Application fee.


Robynne Redmon

Salzburg Program Director

University of Miami Forst School of Music

P.O. Box 248165

Coral Gables, FL 33124-7610




Wake Tech Community College (since 2016)

The 3-week faculty-led Summer Session offered by Wake Tech CC in cooperation with Salzburg College offers an introduction to various aspects of Austrian and European music and culture. The academic course work emphasizes the special opportunities provided by the Austrian/Salzburg setting. Course related field experience as well as visits to historical sites, to cultural institutions and the attendance of musical events constitute an important part of the program.

Course Offerings

This course provides an introductory survey of the major functions of management. Topics include the evolution of management, organizational environment and culture, ethics and corporate responsibility, strategic planning and decision making, entrepreneurship, managing human resources, leadership as well as innovating and changing.

This course surveys music of the Western World. Emphasis is placed on the elements of music, terminology, composers, form, and style within a historical perspective. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate skills in basic listening and understanding of the art of music. Special attention will be paid to the works of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and Schubert, as befits their geographic and historical importance to Salzburg and/or Vienna.

This course introduces economic analysis of individual, business, and industry in the market economy. Topics include the price mechanism, supply and demand, optimizing economic behavior, costs and revenue, market structures, factor markets, income distribution, market failure, and government intervention.

Students may complete one course per session.


A variety of field trips and excursions constitute an integral part of this session's academic program. Course related excursions take students to various institutions and organizations throughout the region.


To maximize cultural involvement, students share a room at an Austrian student dormitory or hostel. Breakfast is included. Weekday lunches in Salzburg are provided by Salzburg College.

Schedule of Events

Tues Departure from US
Wed Arrival in Prague
Thurs City Tour Prague, Arrival in Vienna
Fri City Tour "Hapsburg's Vienna" 
Sat Day Trip to Bratislava
Sun Departure for Salzburg

Mon Orientation Day at Salzburg College
Tue Regular Classes Begin, Historical Walking Tour of Salzburg
Sat Hiking-Trip to Picturesque Salzkammergut
Sun Day Trip to Eagle's Nest

Mon Excursion to Hellbrunn Palace
Wed Apple Strudel Baking
Fri Final Exams
Farewell Celebration & Concert
Sat Departure - End of Program

A list of additional events will be provided with the detailed course outlines during orientation in Salzburg.
Please note: The dates of individual events are subject to change.

Program Cost

The cost includes one course; room and meals as specified; a variety of local excursions and social events; trips to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, the Salzkammergut; and the Eagle's Nest.
Cost does not include passport, transatlantic transportation, or international health insurance.
Additional fees on behalf of Wake Tech CC apply.

Application deadline: March 1


Baylor in Austria (since 2014)

This customized summer program is designed for students and faculty from Baylor University. Students earn regular Baylor University credit in music and history while becoming immersed in the culture and community of beautiful Salzburg, Austria and other cities in the region.

All courses are taught by Baylor faculty members. Students are expected to take at least six credit hours, up to a maximum of eight; any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the program director. German language skills are not required.

Courses Offered

HIS 1307: World History Since 1500 (3 hours)

HIS 3308/REL 3348: Hitler and the Holocaust (3 hours)

MUS 3301: Music Theory V (3 hours)

MUS 3315: Survey of Music Literature (3 hours)

MUS 4181: Recital Attendance (1 hour)

MUS 4381: Music Literacy (3 hours)

A "Survival German" class will be offered for all students at the opening of the program.


Excursions form an integral part of the academic program. Free time for further exploration and travel is built into the schedule. Planned activities include:

  • A three-night stay in Imperial Vienna
  • A trip to the Salzkammergut, the gorgeous lake district outside of Salzburg
  • A visit to the St. Florian Monastery, and to magnificent cathedrals in every town
  • Two great (and very different) palaces: Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna and Schloss Hellbrunn in Salzburg
  • Mauthausen Concentration Camp tour
  • Visits to the homes of master composers Mozart and Beethoven
  • The Festung Hohensalzburg (Fortress), with its rich history and stunning views

Contact & Information

Dr. Terry Lynn Hudson

School of Music, Roxy Grove 205

One Bear Place #97408

Waco, TX 76798-7408

E: terry_hudson@baylor.edu

Application Deadline

November 15

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