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Bachelor Programs

Salzburg College is in the process of preparing the launch of its first Bachelor program.

Currently the following bachelor program is being developed in conjunction with our US-American partner institution and is projected to be launched Fall 2018:

    Bachelor (BS) in Business and Information Management

      The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business and Information Management (BIM) emphasizes the skills necessary to sustain and grow business in an international setting through marketing, general business and management practices and the application of law and ethics. The curriculum also focuses on leadership, cultural competence, soft skills, and the analysis and implementation of information systems, data management, data communications and emerging topics such as electronic commerce and knowledge management..

      The program will be offered in compact, structured form ensuring that students graduate within two calendar years (three for US high school graduates). The program will focus on academic as well as on professional and global learning.

      Upon graduation students will have grown academically as well as personally, gained work experience in Europe and abroad, acquired a B2 level certificate in a foreign language (German or Spanish) and become highly interculturally competent.

      Enrollment for the BS program will open in spring of 2018 with the first semester starting in September 2018. The student number is limited and the program highly selective.

      Program Management & Admission Information:

      Phoebe Mayer, mayer@salzburgcollege.edu


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