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Search QueryNumber of requestsNumber of page requests in the last 7 days
1.senate lobby6586,045,529
3.university of salzburg admission21,172,091,058
4.salzburg collage after deploma31,172,091,058
5.university of salzburg fees41,172,091,058
6.community colleges in austria21,172,091,058
8.salzburg college tuition21,172,091,058
9.university of salzburg tuition1586,045,529
10.music study abroad program1586,045,529
12.university of salzburg the paiyment is it expensive1586,045,529
13.salzbururg position1586,045,529
14.salzburg girl1586,045,529
16.austrian colleges1586,045,529
17.dr reinhold wagenleitner1586,045,529
18.university of salzburg academic calendar1586,045,529
19.under graduate collage in slzburg austria1586,045,529
20.austria travel opportunities2586,045,529
22.inter national undergraduate collage at salzburg1586,045,529
23.salzburg university homepage1586,045,529
25.certificate scholarship for unable students1586,045,529
26.salzburg college gmbh salzburg austria1586,045,529
27.austriaa colg1586,045,529
29.salzburg college1586,045,529
31.university of salzburg courses1586,045,529
33.www.uni salzburg.at international studing salzburg form college1586,045,529
34.austrian state schools start in spring1586,045,529
35.application for university of salzburg in austria1586,045,529
37.university of salzburg acceptance rate1586,045,529
38.ina stegen1586,045,529
39.university of salzburg application form1586,045,529
40.student dormitory in salzburg1586,045,529
41.inter national collage at salzburg1586,045,529
42.field trip vienna1586,045,529
43.iht salsburg tuition fee1586,045,529

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